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BOX SHELL - The Best way to seal around an Outlet / Switch / Receptacle / Junction Box

The Best Way to Seal around an Electrical Box!

Box Shell makes your junction boxes air tight.


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Whether you are a commercial contractor, home contractor or simply doing your own home remodel, BOX SHELL electrical junction box insulators will ensure your walls are insulated right.

Our product, the BOX SHELL, is a patent pending, inexpensive, and simple invention that easily creates an airtight insulation barrier around electrical junction boxes, eliminating the air and noise infiltration through walls. Check out our instructional videos, our How-To Guide, or our About Us page to learn more about us, and be sure to check out our BOX SHELL collection as well.

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Going Green at BOX SHELL          Made in the USA BOX SHELL


BOX SHELL is the BEST because:

  • Quick install

  • Made in the USA

  • Does NOT require an electrician to install

  • Installs after the electrical box has been mounted and rough wired

  • Seals around wires coming into the electrical junction box

  • INSULATES the usually empty space behind a box

  • Seals the gap between the box and the finished wall material

  • Completely ELIMINATES air infiltration around electrical junction boxes for an AIRTIGHT seal

  • Improves the performance and installation of the surrounding fiberglass insulation

  • NO caulk required for installation

  • NO tape required to seal to the wall vapor barrier or finished wall material

  • Made from natural recycled materials




Click here to download a 3 part CSI Specification in .DOC format for BOX SHELL

Click here to download a .DWG of BOX SHELL for use in your Architectural Drawings

Click here to download a .PDF drawing of the BOX SHELL


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