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About the SHELL

The Best Way to Seal around an Electrical Box!


BOX SHELL is a product aimed to eliminate noise and air infiltration around junction boxes in walls. It's the new best way to insulate electrical junction boxes in your building.

The idea for the product arose when the inventors were discussing how to abide by the building code for insulating junction boxes. They discovered that the 2009 and 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) require all electrical boxes on exterior walls to be air tight: the only suitable way to ensure air-tight insulation at the time was by applying a thick layer of expensive foam all along the exterior walls. Lucas and Bill knew they could do better! Over many trials, they perfected a simple box that encompasses spray foam around junction boxes, protecting them as a shell would. Hence, BOX SHELL was the only suitable choice in name, and respectively the Box Turtle became the mascot.

BOX SHELL is the BEST because:

  • Quick install
  • Made in the USA
  • Does NOT require an electrician to install
  • Installs after the electrical box has been mounted and rough wired
  • Seals around wires coming into the electrical junction box
  • INSULATES the usually empty space behind a box
  • Seals the gap between the box and the finished wall material
  • Completely ELIMINATES air infiltration around electrical junction boxes for an AIRTIGHT seal
  • Makes achieving your blower door tests quick and painless
  • Improves the performance and installation of the surrounding fiberglass insulation
  • NO caulk required for installation
  • NO tape required to seal to the wall vapor barrier or finished wall material
  • Made from natural recycled materials

BOX SHELL is Made In The USABOX SHELL is a Green Product

BOX SHELL is a company that is proud to have their product made in the United States with sustainable practices.